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Reliable 5 Tips To Improve Written English

English is a universal language and can take you places if you are a proficient English speaker and writer. Possessing perfect and flawless English writing skills is definitely a requisite for people who want to make a mark for themselves. You maybe a business person who needs to communicate his business ideas with clients. You may also be a novelist who is in search of ideal words to take his story to his readers. In both the scenarios, possessing perfect knowledge of writing error free English is a must.

However, what does better written English imply? The flow of the language is considered to be the most imperative aspect of a written piece. Sometimes, we are able to speak well but when it comes to writing in good English, we are in a fix. Accept it, many of us struggle with words when it comes to writing. However, the challenge is not hard. By following some effectual methods and tips, you can surely improve your written English.

Here are 5 reliable tips to improve your written English.

Enhance Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a backbone of any language and English is no exception to this rule. To write better English, you need to improve your English. However, that does not mean only recognizing many words. It means actually using these words effectively while writing. However, remember, to maintain the beauty of the language, you need to make sure that you use these new words with care. A wrong word used incorrectly can give a wrong direction to your written statements.

Read a lot

Reading gives you a new perspective about different aspects. Many writers have admitted that they were able to write better English after reading different books. Reading new books not only gives you a strong vocabulary but also introduces you to different writing skills. In fact, you can merge these various writing forms and can even invent your new writing style. It is always advisable to read books on subjects which interest you the most. In addition, note down the words in a diary which you like or which are new for you. This would let you remember the learnt words for long and you would be able to use them with ease in your writings.

Work on Your Grammar

If vocabulary is the backbone of a language, grammar is the body structure. You cannot ignore learning grammar rules, especially when it comes to writing good English. Take grammar lessons if possible if you face problem in writing proper grammatically correct English. Moreover, always read what you have written. This would assist you in understanding your mistakes and correcting them at the earliest.

Master Your English Spellings

You may know your words well, but if the spellings are incorrect, it is of no use. Incorrect spellings can even change the sense of what you want to write. For example, the words ‘bare’ and ‘bear’ sound similarly but the spellings are different. Whereas, ‘bare’ means naked, ‘bear’ refers to an animal. Moreover, incorrect spellings can also make it harder for the readers to understand what you have written.

Write Intensively

Write as much as you want and get it checked by someone proficient in English. They say; practice makes a man perfect. Thus it is always advisable to practice your writing skills when you want to improve them. However, only writing will not help. You may be writing incorrect sentences or wrong spellings and thus it is better to get them checked and rectified. You can take help of professional teachers and courses for doing so.

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