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Things every adult should know when learning a new language

A study conducted by the Week Magazine revealed that there is a reason why adults tend to forget things more easily than children. The reason behind this isn"t because their brains don"t work as they used to, but because their minds are crowded with so much information to the extent that finding the correct piece of information is a challenge for them. So, when it comes to learning a foreign language, the brain of an adult processes information differently compared to a child"s brain.

The following are the things every adult should be aware of when learning a foreign language

Every adult is fluent in his or her native language

Adults have gained the essential skills and the ability to express themselves clearly in one language. Children, on the other hand, have to begin from the scratch since they lack any previous experience from which they can draw upon.

It is easier for adults to learn languages which are similar to their native language

There are several languages which have identical grammar or share words with English like Italian, French, Dutch and Swedish among others. English borrows over 8,000 words from French alone. Therefore, there is a possibility you might be speaking French, and you are not aware of it. But for children, they don’t have any point of reference.

Adults have extensive access to materials which might help them to learn a foreign language

Adults can use audiotapes, books, software programs as well as other resources to assist them in learning a particular language. On the contrary, children must listen to another person speak for them to learn the language.

Adults can recognize their mistakes when learning a foreign language

In case a parent uses poor grammar, there is a possibility a child might unknowingly pick up the mistakes, and it can be a challenge for the child to correct those mistakes afterward.

Adults desire to learn

This is a compelling motivator. Adults can decide to delve deeper into a foreign language learning as they gain more skills in the language. Unfortunately, many children lack that opportunity until they grow up.

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